Functional the Dragon Killer

Bunny a posted Fri at 14:42

Mythic Nythendra down! The Legion has invaded once more and the cycle of slaughter begins anew. Congrats to our raiders on the first Mythic kill of Legion. Here's to many more! =)

Reasons to Join Functional

Bunny a posted Jun 9, 16

There are many many many reasons to join Functional! Mythic raiding! Entertaining Conversation! Well Stocked Guild Bank! Forums No One* Reads! An only slightly insane Guild Master! 

While those are all very sensible reasons to join Functional; I am now going to share with you a selection of even better reasons that will totally sway you to our cause. 

Exciting militaristic campaign activity!

[Interrupting this announcement to give a huge THANK YOU to our #mountmafia led by Kilhara and Isthi without whom we would not be able to execute these very important campaigns.]

Enemies flee in terror before us!

We are always sometimes adorable!

We did Adventure Mode before it was cool!

Truly, our strategems are undeniably elegant. 

We are super tolerant of gnomes. We only sacrifice like one gnome per month, which is a very competitive statistic. 

Now remember, all of these screenshots are from one person (Me. They're mine!). Imagine all the amazing moments that happen in Functional when I am asleep or playing with cats or posting on Reddit! So Many Things! Obviously Functional is a non-stop party central hub of fantastical stuff that happens all the time. And we want YOU!

This has been a Public Service Announcement from the Functional Recruitment Team. No small animals were harmed in the making of this Public Service Announcement.
This announcement was sponsored by 8 ounces of Starbucks Lightly Sweetened Iced Coffee and MSPaint.

* Approximately 9 members read our forums. You could be number 10!

Celorim Brilliant.
Kilhara I love it. This is the best post ever! Apparently we need to give Bunny more coffee.
Nephillum a This is single handily the greatest post on the front page ever.


Bunny a posted May 17, 16

I am way too excited to come up with a witty title for this one. What a fantastic birthday gift for me, my guildies delivered a dead demon just like a cat bringing me a dead bird. :P O' happy day!

Congratulations to the team, and thank you for sticking with it and working hard, being flexible with roster changes, role changes, and strategy tinkering. 

And especially a MASSIVE thank you to Celorim. He has gone above and beyond for the guild with his in depth data analysis and advice, and his hard work has been key to us figuring out our problems spots on this boss and pushing through them for a kill. Celorim, you are the top cat! <3